The legend of the white deer

Kurzgeschichte – englisch // © 2012 //

Nayla and Amarelle, two young and female amazons, sitting in the front of a campfire.
It was a quiete night. A night for telling each other old stories…
And so, Nayla started:

„When I was a child, my granny told me a story. She said to me, even her grandmother told her the legend of the white deer in magical nights. The story is several centuries old and yet it finds the way into the hearts of the human. This story doesn’t begin like any stories with … „Once upon a time…“, but with…

A long, long time ago lives a tribe in the heart of a deeply forest. This tribe called himself „shadow-dancer“. They live in small huts in the boughs of the trees. When they moved hide behind the wildlife, it seemed as if they were dancing with the shadows. The first voice of this tribe had a beautiful young daughter called Alea. Her hair was dark like ebony and fell with slight curls to her shoulder. Her eyes had the colour of the forest. She was the whole pride and joy of Arlen, the head of the tribe.

One day, the hunting time was opened, Arlen presented the hunters a quest. The task had a length of 3 nights and days and began with a full moon. The winner should be allowed to marry Alea. So the thing was decided, Alea should be promised to the successful hunter who lived in the tribe. But she fell …“

„…she fell in love with somebody else…“
Amarelle completed her sentence.

„… in secret …. Yes.“
Nayla nodded at her and looked deep into her eyes, before she continues her story:

Alea was shocked. How could she marry someone she did not love? With sad eyes she went to the hut of the white shaman. The shaman always knew some advice.

No sunlight shone into the small room, but it was lit up by small fires. The shaman was sitting on the floor with a wide hood and antlers on her head. She analyzed the cubes and stones in front of her. Her hair was white, despite her young age. And her blue eyes shone with a certain maturity. It was such a wise soul in a young body. She was the only one who had magical skills in the tribe. She was loved and feared. And she was waiting for her, as Alea finally entered the hut.

Alea whispered choked with tears.

„I know, the goddes told me moments before.“

„There are only 2 days. What can we do? I don’t want to be married. I love … I love only…“
Alea sobbed aloud…

The white Shaman took Alea in her arms and kissed Alea’s bloody red lips.
„Shhhh, don’t say a word. We will find a way for our love.
I asked the oracle. And the goddess will bless us…!“

Alea nodded confidently, before they kissed once more intimately.
„Stay with me tonight. Tomorrow morning we go to Arlen and … „
Tarja whispered softly some words into her ear.

„What happened? What she whispered? Could they stop the wedding?„
Amarelle was nervous. The story cast their spell about her.
Nayla smiled. She had never seen her partner so impatient.

„Yes, the marriage could be prevented. But… everything has a price, you have to pay.“
Amarelle bit her lips and nodded gently her head.

The next day, Alea and Tarja went hand in hand to Arlen. They confessed their love and they would fi ght for their partnership. No matter the price – they have to pay. Alea belongs to her as she
belongs to Alea. There was no place for other in their hearts. But Arlen freaked out and banned Tarja from the whole community. She was no longer welcome. Had no longer a place in his tribe.

„You have an hour, go and prepare you.
Then we will hunt and punish you for your felony.
The one, who will bring me her head, will marry Alea and get the second voice of the tribe.
And you – Alea, you will wait in my hut, until the task is over. You have to obey me.
Otherwise, you can join her immediately.“

His anger was implacable. Alea tried to convince her father with a desperate sound, that Tarja should remain. But he beat her so violently, that Alea fell to the ground.
„I said, you have to obey me! Now!“

Just at this moment, Tarja fought with enormous anger. She began to murmur soft words. The weather changed in seconds.
A cold wind blew through the forest. The blue sky changed his friendly colour. And in the distance the lightning discharged in the dark sky.

„If I go, Alea will go with me. And no one will stop us. But before we go – I tell you something, old man: that was the biggest mistake of your life.“

Full of anger she went to Alea, moved her into her arms and held her tightly pressed against herself. Alea tried to smile as her lips met one last time for a kiss between lovers.
Further whispered words left Tarja’s lips. And a moment later, Alea and Tarja were transformed in front of the whole tribe into two beautiful, graceful deer.

One deer with dark flur and small specks. The eyes colored like the forest. And the other deer with silver-golden flur and bright eyes in the colour of the firmament.
Tarjas shaman hood with the little horns mingled with her head to a unit. The tribal members observed paralyzed the metamorphosis. Only the clothes on the floor reminded of the humanity in the past.
And before both leapt nimbly into the forest, a silent warning sounded through the hearts of the tribe:

„Alea and Tarja – lovers and outcasts. A story full of love and abhorrence of the tribe. Blind hearts who won’t see the truth. Your loss is punishment enough.
But remember all time: every spell have a curse inside. If you plan to hunt both of them, and Alea or Tarja will be injured or even die – the curse will find you! Without a mercy.

But if you are pure in your heart and meet one or both coincidentally, so shall this meeting as a sign of eternal love. In this moment you can be sure, that the eternal love will fi nd you and your partner.
Until the last breath.“

Nayla finished her story-telling, while Amarell snuggled closer to her. This story had touched both of them. They sighed softly.

„But one question, my darling. I am a hunter. There is no deer with antlers. Why had Tarja horns like a hart? If both are female yet?“

„In love there is no gender. Love is above everything and the most important feeling in the world. So Tarja combines male and female as a sign, although she is female.“

Amarelle nodded and looked admiringly to her partner.
She was younger than herself, but full of wisdom. Much like Tarja….

„Love in eternity…“, she whispered to Nayla.

„Yes, until the last breath.“